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As a founding member of the Net Zero Asset Manager’s Initiative, AXA IM aims to reach Net Zero by 2050. We launched the AXA IM For Progress Monitor to transparently report on significant metrics as we seek to achieve this goal. On Sound Progress, you’ll meet some of the people driving progress on those metrics.

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Transition Minerals: The hidden cost of clean energy

The move to a low-carbon economy will require a substantial increase in the production of so-called transition minerals which are needed for, amongst other things, renewable electricity networks, battery performance and permanent magnets - key components of wind turbines and electric vehicles. These minerals (including copper, aluminium, lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese) all need to be mined - a process which has historically often been at odds with positive environmental outcomes and labour practices. For investors, this has clear implications.

In this episode of Sound Progress, our host Herschel Pant speaks to Professor at Paris School of Economics, Mouez Fodha; AXA Group Chief Economist and Head of AXA IM Research, Gilles Moëc; and AXA IM Portfolio Manager, Tom Atkinson; about the importance of minimizing harm during this critical transition and the role that investors can play in this process.  

In this episode, guests refer to AXA IM’s approaches to ESG, stewardship and engagement.

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Meet some of the people in the business driving progress towards our climate commitments. On each episode, we also invite an external expert to help us get to grips with a specialist topic.

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