Sound Progress - Episode 8

The AXA IM Sound Progress podcast showcases the people driving real progress on climate commitments. In the episode 8, the experts discuss the need for corporate leaders to revaluating their net zero commitments.

Hold steady: Sustainability in the face of polycrisis

In the face of the global polycrisis of war, climate change, slow growth, and political instability, corporate leaders are revaluating their net zero commitments to prioritize concerns such as supply chain resources, high interest rates, and declining consumer demand amid a cost-of-living crisis.

In this episode of Sound Progress, our host Herschel Pant speaks to Simon Rawson, Deputy Chief Executive of ShareAction; Gilles Guibout, Head of European Equity Strategies at AXA IM; and Héloïse Courault, Senior Corporate Governance and Stewardship Analyst at AXA IM, about shifting corporate priorities and why it is important that CEOs to hold steady on their sustainability commitments.

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