We are a specialist multi-manager, advising and managing unit-linked solutions for AXA and joint venture clients globally, as well as wealth solutions for clients in Belgium.

Our approach

Formerly known as Architas, we have been providing investment solutions globally since 2008 as part of the AXA Group. As of January 2024, we became an integral part of AXA IM to enhance and expand our services to our clients. We help investors meet their investment goals through our expertise in multi-manager investing. This means we combine multiple single-focus underlying funds, run by specialist managers, into a fully diversified single investment solution.

A specialist multi-manager

Our sole focus is on providing multi-manager products and services to our clients. We pick the stock pickers, rather than individual stocks. Our dedicated team of investment professionals carries out a rigorous four-stage investment process, to ensure that only managers we believe to be the best are included into our portfolios.

Combining freedom with strength

We have full freedom to choose managers from across the investment universe. This can include funds from AXA IM as well as other managers, and every one undergoes the same rigorous process. Backed by the global reach and reputation of the AXA Group, we can access the very best opportunities, wherever we find them.

Focused on responsible investing

From ensuring ESG criteria are fully integrated into our investment process, to launching dedicated sustainable portfolios, we believe that investing responsibly is vital to deliver sustainable long term returns on behalf of our clients. As a company we are guided by our purpose to act for human progress by investing for what matters.

Key figures1

€29.5 billion

of assets under management and under advice.

5 offices

in London, Paris, Dublin, Brussels and Hong Kong

13 countries

serviced across Europe and Asia

198 employees


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Our solutions

The services we provide vary according to the region but will typically be one of the following:

Fund of funds

A fund which invests in other types of funds, instead of investing directly in bonds, stocks and other types of securities. The fund is often tailored to a specific level of risk.

Investment advisory

A pre-constructed portfolio of investment funds that meets a specific risk profile and mandate, such as growth or income. Similar to a fund of funds, but in this case the client purchases and sells the underlying funds themselves.

Discretionary portfolio management

We directly manage portfolios on behalf of a client, which can be either an AXA entity or a High Net Worth Individual. This service includes both fund selection and execution of the decisions. 

Individualised protected solutions

Guaranteed and structured products that provide a pre-defined monetary outcome to customers, regardless of market conditions.

2023 edition

ESG investing: A global investor survey

At AXA IM, we are committed to responsible investing and supporting the transition to sustainable economies. As long-term custodians of wealth, we strive to identify and back environmental, social and governance (ESG) leaders that can protect and grow client portfolios. In doing so, we believe that understanding customer perspectives is paramount, which is why we carried out this extensive study on individual views toward ESG investing across various markets, regions, and demographics.

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    Risk warning

    Investment in Select solutions involves risks including the loss of capital and some specific risks such as credit risk, liquidity risk, risks linked to method and model, counterparty risk, derivatives, volatility risk and geopolitical risk.