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AXA IM in figures as at end of December 2023

€844 billion

assets under management (AUM)1

€480 billion

AUM categorised ESG-integrated, sustainable or impact1






ESG investing: A global investor survey

At AXA IM, we are committed to responsible investing and supporting the transition to sustainable economies. As long-term custodians of wealth, we strive to identify and back environmental, social and governance (ESG) leaders that can protect and grow client portfolios. In doing so, we believe that understanding customer perspectives is paramount, which is why we carried out an extensive study on individual views toward ESG investing across various markets, regions, and demographics.

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Mind the Crowds!

Mind the Crowds!

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We attach great importance to communicating with our clients in the most transparent and exhaustive way possible, to give them a complete analysis of responsible investment and help them understand it.

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Sustainability news

Major awareness gap revealed as research finds only a third of UK retail investors have heard of responsible investing or ESG

  • by Jamie Wynn-William, Hélène Caillet, and others
  • 07 May 2024
Sustainability news

AXA IM continued to strengthen its engagement activities in 2023

  • by Hélène Caillet, Julie Marie, and others
  • 29 April 2024
Appointment news

AXA IM hires two economists covering the G7 and EM Asia

  • by Hélène Caillet, Jamie Wynn-William, and others
  • 15 April 2024