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Investing to pastures green(er)

The first “partial lockdowns” are coming to Europe. This will raise public deficits as the phasing out of emergency fiscal support schemes is delayed. The ECB seems ready to accommodate.

To tackle the climate crisis, we need to transform our economies

Economic reforms must happen quickly enough to protect the environment, but in a way that also safeguards jobs and livelihoods.

Research & Investment Strategy

The world’s factory in COVID-19: Can China secure its supply chain kingdom?

The Chinese economy has faced dramatic challenges over the past two years. The US/China trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic have delivered short-term shocks and left lingering long-term questions una ...


What won’t be in the strategy review

The divergence between a decisive Fed and a more hesitant ECB is an interesting debate but it hides the fact that on both sides of the Atlantic monetary policy through its traditional transmission ch ...

The Evolving Economy

Infographic: 10 ways the longevity economy is changing the way we live now

See some of the ways we are part of the longevity economy - from working out to booking a doctor's appointment


Holidays over for policymakers

The announcement of more fiscal stimulus contrasts with the emergence of disciplinarian noises here and there. The debate on tax hikes in the UK reflects idiosyncratic stress as the probability of no ...

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25 August 2020

UK dividends will have fully recovered by 2022

Market commentary

There are reasons to be positive about the future of UK dividends as companies start recommencing payments, according to AXA IM portfolio managers Geroge Luckraft and Simon Young.

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28 July 2020

COVID-19: Stewardship and the pandemic

Press Release

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) today publishes its H1 2020 Stewardship Report, outlining its engagement programme for the first half of the year and how it exercised its voting rights in H1 2020.

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21 July 2020

AXA IM's Gilles Moec: A four-day ordeal to a deal

Market commentary

Gilles Moec, Group Chief Economist at AXA Investment Managers comments on the approved European recovery debt plan:

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