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We recognise the importance of corporate governance and are committed to meeting the highest industry standards. Our transparent and independent decision-making processes help to create a responsible and flexible organisation that inspires the trust of our clients, business partners and shareholders.

Meet our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is appointed by the shareholders. It sets the orientations of the comany's activities, oversees management's activities and approves major strategic decisions.

Board members are representatives of AXA IM's shareholders, AXA IM's executive management and external non-executive directors. Permanent invitees include representatives from the Social and Economic Committee and AXA IM's General Secretary/Chief Financial Officer. The secretary of the Board is AXA IM's General Counsel.

Meetings are held at least five times a year.

Marco Morelli
Executive Chairman
Gerald Harlin
Board Director
Angelien Kemna
Senior Independent Director
Karima Silvent
Board Director
Colin Clark
Independent Director
Alban de Mailly Nesle
Permanent representative of AXA, Board Director
Bertrand Poupart-Lafarge
Permanent representative of AXA France IARD, Board Director
Ulrike Decoene
Board Director

Meet our Management Board

The Management Board is responsible for monitoring the AXA IM group activities and providing strategic guidance and operational oversight for the group. It supports the Executive Chairman in defining the strategy and managing the day-to-day business and operations of the group. The Management Board covers a broad spectrum of topics including notably review of business or investment performance as well as key risk, audit, compliance, operational, communication, human resources, ESG and business topics.

The Management Board usually meets on a monthly basis. It is advisory in nature and has no delegated decision-making duties or powers. 

Marco Morelli
Executive Chairman
Matthieu André
Global Head of AXA IM Select
Pascal Christory
CEO of AXA IM Prime
Frédéric Clément
Global Head of Human Resources
Florence Dard
Global Head of Client Group, Alts
Marion Le Morhedec
Global Head of Fixed Income
Jean-Christophe Ménioux
General Secretary and CFO
Caroline Portel
Global Chief Operating Officer
Isabelle Scemama
Global Head of AXA IM Alts
Deborah Shire
Deputy Head of AXA IM Alts
Hans Stoter
Global Head of AXA IM Core

Meet our Remuneration and Nomination Committee

The Remuneration and Nomination Committee meets at least three times a year. It reviews the company’s remuneration policy, the remuneration of the AXA IM's top executives and key people, and ensures consistency and internal equity of the remuneration policy within AXA IM group. It is also in charge of reviewing the selection of candidates to fill-in external director position within the AXA IM group prior to their appointment.

In addition to its members, meetings are attended by the AXA IM Executive Chairman, the AXA IM Global Head of HR and an AXA Group HR representative.

Colin Clark
Chairman of the Remuneration Committee, Independant Director
Alban de Mailly Nesle
Permanent representative of AXA, Board Director
Angelien Kemna
Senior Independent Director

Meet our Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee oversees (i) the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control and risk management frameworks, (ii) the financial and extra-financial reporting processes, including the integrity of associated publicly reported results and disclosures, as well as (iii) the effectiveness, performance and independence of the internal and external auditors.

In addition to its members, attendees also include the company's auditors, some representatives of AXA IM (including AXA IM Global Head of Internal Audit & AXA IM Chief Risk Officer) and a representative of AXA Group's Internal Audit department.

Meetings are held four times per year.

Colin Clark
Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee, Independant Director
Alban de Mailly Nesle
Permanent representative of AXA, Board Director
Angelien Kemna
Senior Independent Director
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