Our road to net zero

Accelerating the transition to a net zero world: our commitments as a responsible investor and business.

Our principles for climate action

The road to a net zero world is challenging to navigate and requires a collective effort. Every individual, company, and government must play its part. There isn’t one single answer or path to solving this challenge, but we want to be one of the leaders on this journey: in our investment choices, the products we offer, the way we engage and vote, and manage our business. We actively invest with purpose and for the greater good, and stand by our convictions while balancing the need to deliver long-term value to clients.

Acting with conviction

Active asset management has never been more relevant. The way we act on our convictions and allocate capital has the power to influence investee companies’ behaviours. We believe our fiduciary duty goes beyond delivering returns to our clients. We believe it’s also about investing responsibly, driving climate action and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the world we live in.

Acting bravely and openly

Engagement and dialogue with companies and clients are crucial to influencing the Net Zero trajectory. We need to be open about the challenges we all face on that journey. But as asset managers, if we don’t see progress, we also need to be brave and bold in our investment decisions and be ready to divest.

Acting with others

By working on a standalone basis and defending our individual progresson on the road to Net Zero, we as asset managers do not do justice to the magnitude of the challenge we are facing. By pooling our efforts and influence, we have the power to effect tangible change, working with other key players of the NZ ecosystem. We call on all asset managers to consider three opportunities to do this–with clients, with regulators, and as an industry.

Climate Progress Report

Explore our Climate Progress Report for a comprehensive overview of our progress and actions against our climate commitments and net zero goals.

Download the full report (November 2023)
Act range

Sustainable investing

Our ACT range is designed to enable our clients to invest in the companies and projects leading the transition to a more sustainable world.

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