Our Sustainability policies and reports

We are firmly committed to embedding sustainability into our business practices and culture. Download our policies to know more.

Top-level policies

Our top-level policies – covering Controversial Weapons, Soft Commodities, Climate Risks, and Ecosystem Protection & Deforestation - apply to the vast majority of assets.

We were among the first asset managers to put in place a blanket exclusion for companies which derive more than 30% of revenues from coal. We also exclude assets linked to food commodities, deforestation and other unsustainable practices causing natural ecosystem conversion. and follow exclusion rules on controversial weapons such as Anti-Personnel Landmines.

We also manage Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Responsible Investment funds applying additional exclusions policies to help systematically address the most severe sustainability risks in the investment decision-making process.

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How can we act for biodiversity protection

Hear from the leader of our biodiversity engagement programme, Liudmila Strakodonskaya, who advocates for taking collective action with public bodies, regulators and our peers inside and outside of our industry in order to effect the change we need.

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Stewardship policies

At AXA IM, we strongly believe that exclusion policies must be combined with a strong stewardship strategy to hold companies and issuers accountable to achieve E, S and G targets and support them in their transition. It also complements portfolio allocation.

Through our stewardship activities, we seek to use our influence as investors to encourage companies to mitigate environmental and social risks relevant to their sectors

We are continuously pushing for more ambitious climate strategies and expect more ‘say-on-climate’ resolutions to be put to investors. Companies which we consider to be laggards in addressing climate change and its risks will be subject to a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ principle. This policy aims to define clear areas of improvement for those companies, tailored to their activities, and communicated to their management at the beginning of the engagement with a clear and short timeframe for progress.

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Active engagement: case studies

In line with our engagement policy, at the beginning of each engagement, we defined clear objectives and a corresponding timeframe to allow investee companies to achieve those. When progress is too slow or when the level of responsiveness is not satisfactory we can use escalation techniques.

One technique is to co-file a shareholder resolution at a company's annual general meeting (AGM) alongside other investors. Read about why we have chosen to escalate in that way with three of our investee companies.


Inclusion for progress

At AXA IM, diversity and inclusion are closely linked to our values and to our culture of respect for employees, clients and the communities around us. We always aim to create an environment where everyone feels they belong, are included and can thrive.

Download our global inclusion & diversity policy (May 2021)

Our sustainability reports

We attach great importance to communicating with our clients in the most transparent and exhaustive way possible, to give them a complete analysis of responsible investment and help them understand it.
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Radical transparency: Does more data add up to greater climate progress?

More than 80% of the world economy aims to be net zero by 2050. Such commitment requires significant action, and the investment world is no exception. But with many studies showing that greenwashing, a lack of common language and data are standing in the way, we ask: is more transparency always a good thing? Does more data add up to greater climate progress? Our host, Herschel Pant, speaks to Nigel Topping, Policy Adviser and former UN Climate Change High-Level Climate Champion, and Hans Stoter, Global Head of AXA IM Core, as well as Justin Travlos, Head of Responsible Investment, AXA IM Alts.

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