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AXA IM – Real Assets offers a 360° view of real asset markets, investing in both equity and debt, across different geographies and sectors, and via private and listed instruments. This 360° view has enabled us to build leading positions in key real asset segments, notably in direct property where we are the number 1 portfolio and asset manager in Europe, and among the largest worldwide1.
Our Real Asset teams have 30 years' experience managing funds and mandates. They comprise about 650 people in 15 offices around the world, operating in 20 countries and providing us with in-depth knowledge of countries, cities and sectors. Our teams leverage our longstanding experience, strong convictions, and thorough understanding of capital structure to build strategies for our clients across the spectrum of real assets, and deliver targeted returns commensurate with their risk profiles.



1Source: IP Real Estate Top 100 Investment Management Survey – Nov/Dec 2016


The references to league tables and awards are not an indicator of the future places in league tables or awards. Information contained in this document may be updated from time to time. Information contained herein may vary from previous or future published versions of this document.

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Isabelle Scemama, CEO, AXA IM - Real Assets

"Driven by a passion for an asset class that directly addresses the economic and social needs of both individuals and businesses, we have become leaders in Europe and pursue our global ambition with an innovative, entrepreneurial strategy."

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