Stewardship and engagement

We are not a passive partner for clients – we are an active owner of assets on their behalf.


We deliver robust and measurable stewardship and engagement to build a beneficial environment for all our funds and strategies. We lobby for change with industry bodies and regulators, and we vote with conviction at company meetings. This helps us to control and mitigate risk, but also drives change and enables opportunity.

We believe that the proper consideration of relevant environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters affects the long-term sustainable performance of companies and benefits the investors of such companies.

To this end, we:

  • seek to understand the ESG issues that impact companies in which we are invested;
  • evaluate a company’s particular policies and practices in relation to relevant issues;
  • encourage companies to align with best practice on ESG issues;
  • enter into constructive dialogue and engagement where a company’s approach or practices on relevant ESG matters is below investor expectations;
  • leverage our clients’ investor rights to push for desired outcomes from investee companies; and
  • align our votes at general meetings with our engagement objectives.

Read more about how AXA IM responds to the SRD II requirements.


We consider that the sustainability-related health of sovereign nations contributes significantly to the capacity of governments to issue debt and repay it. We want the financial health of countries to be aligned with broader policy aims – such as those described in the UN SDGs. To this extent, we engage with sovereigns to encourage progress in terms of sustainable development.


We work with regulatory authorities and policymakers to ensure that public policy supports an investment environment which takes seriously sustainability and responsible investment issues.

Active Ownership and Stewardship report 2020


Engagement is central to responsible investment at AXA IM. Our dialogue with companies allows us to actively monitor our investments, and to ensure we maintain open channels that can enable change to the benefit of society, the planet – and ultimately our clients

Our engagements in 2020 were naturally affected by the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Despite the new challenges, they remained driven by our long term conviction in key thematic areas that we consider most urgent and material for investors – climate change, biodiversity and human capital, alongside gender diversity, public health, data privacy and corporate governance.

Case studies
Case study

Climate Change

The coronavirus pandemic was extremely harmful for economies worldwide but at the same time it delivered a sharp drop-off in carbon emissions.

Case study

Biodiversity collapse

We began 2020 by joining a call to find partners who could help develop and implement a tool that measured the impact of investments on biodiversity.

Case study

Gender Equality

2020 saw us harden our commitment to drive better gender diversity in our investments.

Case study

Date privacy

Collection of personal data has fuelled the rapid growth of internet-based technology companies.

Casa study

COVID-19 and public health

The scale of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented but the dynamics of the disease – how it spreads and affects patients – were arguably predictable.

Our reports and policies

2020 Active Ownership and Stewardship report
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Our engagement policy
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Conflict of interest policy
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Corporate Governance & Voting Policy
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