Our road to net zero

As a major global responsible investor, business and employer we seek to generate positive and measurable impact to mitigate climate change.

We need to take collective action

Only together, as individuals and as an industry, can we create positive progress for the global economy, the planet, and the communities in which we live.

At AXA IM, we aim to act decisively on climate issues and lead the climate transition. We have a responsibility to do so.

We have committed to reach net zero as an investor by 2050 or before and we will reveal the first steps in how we will achieve this, together with an interim target for 2030 before COP 26.

As a business, we will become carbon neutral by the end of this year and will make reduce our carbon emissions by at least 25% by 2025 to ensure we are living up to what we expect of our investee companies.

It is imperative we overcome the challenges that the decarbonisation journey brings. 2050 is a long way off, but there is an urgent need to act now and accelerate the work we are doing to lead the transition, in partnership with our clients and our employees, regulators, and the wider industry. 

Acting decisively on climate issues

Find out about the innovations and practices that lie at the heart of our climate strategy.

We believe as a major global investor, business and employer, we have a role in generating positive and measurable progress for the global economy, the planet and the communities in which we live.

Our Climate Action report
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