Who we are

We are a global asset manager investing with a clear purpose – to make the world a better place.

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Investing together today for a better tomorrow

As a global asset manager, we believe that investment can make tomorrow a better place. It enables growth, drives innovation and helps people achieve their goals. It’s about helping our clients make the right investment decisions, while creating a positive change for the world we live in.

AXA IM Key Figures

  • €830bn

    assets under management

  • 790

    investment professionals

  • 20

    investment centres

Source: AXA IM  as of 30/06/2020 (AXA IM Database) 

How are we progressing towards a better tomorrow?

Join us on our journey to becoming Better Tomorrow. Here, we will show you how and why we are changing, explore themes that support our principles and advance our goals of better serving the changing needs of our customers. We will empower our employees to tell their story and ask clients, partners and external experts for their experiences - their story is our story!


Read our stories on how we are progressing towards a better tomorrow


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We are active, long-term investors 

With fundamental research at the core of our process, our investment professionals aim to seek out and identify the most efficient and robust sources of financial returns, from across the asset class spectrum. From equities, fixed income and real assets to alternatives and multi-asset, we marry stock selection, risk monitoring and innovation in a bid to deliver long-term value for clients.




Woman walkingWe are responsible investors

As stewards of our clients’ assets, our primary goal is to help them preserve and grow their wealth. An important part of achieving this is investing responsibly. We believe that responsible investment not only delivers sustainable, long-term value for clients but it can also have a positive impact on society. This is why we incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our investment decisions and offer clients a full spectrum of Responsible Investing (RI) tools...

Woman paying with mobileWe are committed to making investing easier

We want to help investors cut through the noise and empower them to make the right investment choices.Therefore we aim to keep our communications clear, our processes transparent and are continuously striving to improve the service we offer. We are also committed, to helping investors understand the investment landscape and the megatrends of tomorrow, which will shape all of our futures.

We are part of the AXA Group

As part of AXA group, our DNA is attuned to thinking long-term about risk and return. This strategic partnership has helped facilitate our long history of innovation and to adapt to market changes and regulatory challenges. The fruits of this are shared with all of our clients, so that they may build from, or learn from this experience. We believe this combination, together with the experience gained from our increasingly broad and diverse client base, makes us adept at mitigating tomorrow’s challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities that accompany them.