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Iggo's insight

22 March 2019

When doves don’t hike

The market believes the Fed is done and is pricing in a rate cut as the next move. For the moment this is a bullish scenario for markets.

Research & Investment Strategy

22 March 2019

The week in rev-EU

It was the week before Brexit, until 12 April became the new deadline

Monthly Investment strategy

22 March 2019

March Investment Strategy: Liquidity: The tide is high as central banks hold on

From the European Central Bank’s tiny steps to the US Federal Reserve’s balance sheet policy, the liquidity tide is high.

Research & Investment Strategy

21 March 2019

Deutsche Qualität

The German economy has slowed significantly in 2018, dampened by weak trade and poor private consumption.

Diversity and inclusion

20 March 2019

Mind the gap: Digging into the diversity data challenge

The world has never had access to more information. But it seems the more data we have, the clearer the gaps get.

The Evolving Economy

20 March 2019

Global water supply will remain stagnant

Global population is increasing while water resources remain the same.

The Evolving Economy

20 March 2019

How can investors choose the right long-term investment themes?

With the pace of technological and demographical changes seemingly moving faster than ever, investors are inundated with new ideas of what the next big investment trend will be.

Rosenberg equities

20 March 2019

Why earnings matter

Rosenberg Equities’ core investment belief is that earnings matter. Why? Because we believe that future earnings and fundamentals ultimately drive share prices.

Macro insights

18 March 2019

US Fed and EU summit in focus

The US Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday will be the market focus in an otherwise relatively quiet week.

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