Bringing financial education to 1m young people

RedSTART’s mission is to create accessible financial education materials and collaborate with partners worldwide to give one million young people more confidence in handling their money by 2025.

AXA IM has partnered with RedSTART for several years. We regularly host primary school children from nearby schools at our London office to take part in a Money Matters session. Run by facilitators, our employees and teachers, the sessions involve interactive games that teach children the key principles of money in a fun and engaging way.

Making financial learning more accessible

Building a better future means starting today. At AXA IM we believe this will be further aided by enhancing the learning opportunities and financial education of people at all life stages. 

We are working with a number of organisations through sponsorships, associations, mentoring and volunteering programmes to support people to be tomorrow ready and prepared for their futures.

Discover some of the programmes and initiatives we are currently involved with in the UK, Germany and France.

We maintain our collaboration with RedSTART, promoting the importance of financial education in young school children in the UK. In our latest session, Herschel Pant, who leads AXA IM’s relationship with RedSTART,  joined a group of AXA IM colleagues in explaining topics such as  the importance of saving, investing, compounding, and how to avoid scams.

The students had the opportunity to put into practice these lessons, through a series of simulated games and exercises, where they were provided with £500 and had to try to maximise the amount of profit. Thanks to everyone who joined us for the session – as always we learned a lot from the students thanks to their insightful questions!


It’s a privilege to be involved in the RedSTART initiative, and talk about the importance of saving, investing, compounding, and how to avoid scams.

Herschel Pant
Senior Consultant Relationship Manager