Culture Prioritaire

Making financial learning more accessible

Building a better future means starting today. At AXA IM we believe this will be further aided by enhancing the learning opportunities and financial education of people at all life stages. 

We are working with a number of organisations through sponsorships, associations, mentoring and volunteering programmes to support people to be tomorrow ready and prepared for their futures.

Discover some of the programmes and initiatives we are currently involved with in the UK, Germany and France.

Connecting students with inspiring opportunities for Life

At AXA IM, we believe that young people shouldn’t be at a disadvantage in life just because of where they grow up. Over the last six years we’ve partnered with Culture Prioritaire, an organisation which helps to give school students in France access to cultural and career opportunities that have the power to transform their future prospects.

We provide voluntary mentoring and internships that give students an insight into the professional world and the opportunity to build valuable career contacts. By connecting students to a world they may not previously have access to, we aim to inspire and excite them for the opportunities that lay ahead.

For AXA IM volunteers, it’s a chance to make a positive difference for young people and build deeply rewarding connections.