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Geopolitics vs. the race to net zero

  • 08 June 2022 (10 min read)

Why the energy transition has never been more vital

The Ukraine crisis is a horrendous tragedy and the war will have a considerable impact on the European and global economy. It has brought sharply into focus the fragility of supply chains and energy security - which has manifested in runaway inflation.

Given this backdrop there is a risk that policymakers delay urgent, albeit difficult, decisions on the decarbonisation of our economies. But from both a climate and political perspective, we believe we must stay the course –in fact, we need to accelerate the energy transition to alternative cleaner fuels. This is, of course, far easier said than done.

Below, our macroeconomic and investment experts examine the current crisis and discuss how geopolitics could impact the race to net zero. We examine Europe’s plans to wean itself off cheap Russian fossil fuels, we delve into the future economic and investment implications of the war and consider what it all means for investors – from retail to institutional. We believe the energy transition today looks even more appealing – and necessary – than ever, even if the journey appears more arduous than before.


The impact of the Ukraine crisis on climate change

AXA IM’s Head of Macroeconomic Research, David Page and Head of Climate Olivier Eugène, examine the potential impact the current conflict will have on the battle against global warming.

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AXA IM experts discuss the impact of the Ukraine war on the energy transition and the potential investment consequences.

The Chief Economist's and CIO's views

AXA’s Chief Economist Gilles Moëc, and AXA IM’s Chief Investment Officer, Core Investments Chris Iggo unpick the macro and investment ramifications of the current geopolitical backdrop

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