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The world’s factory in COVID-19: Can China secure its supply chain kingdom?

The Chinese economy has faced dramatic challenges over the past two years. The US/China trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic have delivered short-term shocks and left lingering long-term questions una ...

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Word Up

Risk-free yields and curves are range-bound and will remain so as central banks strengthen their resolve to encourage a rise in inflation.

Fixed income

Why short duration Asian bonds could be a flexible and well-timed play on market uncertainty?


What won’t be in the strategy review

The divergence between a decisive Fed and a more hesitant ECB is an interesting debate but it hides the fact that on both sides of the Atlantic monetary policy through its traditional transmission ch ...

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Specific and Limited Bearishness

Politics in the US and the UK are contributing to market moves. Uncertainty over US election outcomes is growing, and the stock market seems to be going through a pattern that has been seen in previo ...

Fixed income

COVID-19 has shaken up high yield and put opportunities on the table

The asset class is always prepared for a crisis, but the uneven impact of the virus means fundamental credit analysis is more important than ever

Fixed income

Fixed income opportunities: Positioning for the next wave of bond market volatility

Bond markets have enjoyed a strong run recently, with yields moving close to and in some cases reaching all-time lows in July, but we believe there are potentially further gains to come - despite the ...

The Evolving Economy

Infographic: 10 ways the longevity economy is changing the way we live now

See some of the ways we are part of the longevity economy - from working out to booking a doctor's appointment


Holidays over for policymakers

The announcement of more fiscal stimulus contrasts with the emergence of disciplinarian noises here and there. The debate on tax hikes in the UK reflects idiosyncratic stress as the probability of no ...