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#AXA Solidarity Response

  • 14 April 2020

In response to the unprecedented health emergency facing most countries around the world, AXA is launching with 101 Fund a global solidarity challenge on social media that enables all its employees to support 1,200 intensive care units in 60 countries.

By participating on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram with the #AXASolidarityResponse, each employee will unlock a €5 donation, financed by AXA, and will also have the opportunity to make a personal donation if they wish on the dedicated 101 Fund page.

Through this global and collective initiative, AXA hopes to extend its action in the fight against COVID-19, by providing concrete and rapid support to healthcare services around the world while enabling its employees to take action.

"International solidarity has always been an integral part of the culture of AXA and its employees. Once again, let's demonstrate that beyond our role as an insurer, we can take concrete action on behalf for society. Everyone can take action at their own level, and personal involvement, brought down to the collective we all represent at AXA, will have a definite impact." Ulrike Decoene,  AXA Group Head of Communication, Brand & Corporate Responsibility

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