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Responsible investment

14 June 2019

Coal phase out: The investment case

Coal has no meaningful role to play when it comes achieving the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement. Right now, it remains an important part of the energy mix, fuelling base-load power stations across ...

Responsible investment

10 June 2019

Financing brown to green: Guidelines for Transition Bonds

Financing the fight against climate change needs to shift up a gear and evolve. Since the introduction of green bonds, capital markets have made great strides in recent years to ensure that investmen ...

Responsible investment

29 January 2019

A look at why we believe 2019 will be green

Although 2018 may have fallen short of investors' expectations, we maintain that there are reasons to remain positive about the growth of the green bond market.

Responsible investment

22 January 2019

COP24: Mind the Gap

Held in Poland, the latest Conference of the Parties delivered both achievements and disappointments.

The Evolving Economy

19 December 2018

Climate Change and Investment

The environmental impact we are having on the planet is set to influence the way governments act, industries function and businesses behave in the coming years.

Responsible investment

27 July 2018

Green bonds are flourishing and this could just be the beginning

Growing environmental concerns have helped the green bond market expand rapidly in recent years

Responsible investment

04 July 2018

Our green bond framework

Climate change is one of the most critical issues facing society. As highlighted by the United Nations, its effect is felt worldwide, as it disrupts national economies and impacts people and communit ...

Rosenberg equities

18 June 2018

Does diversity provide a profitability moat?

The challenge is finding high quality companies today that will remain high quality tomorrow.

Rosenberg equities

19 April 2018

10 ESG integration questions you didn't know you needed answered

A look at growing interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, Rosenberg’s approach to these ideas, and the influence they are having on the investment landscape.