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Research & Investment Strategy

25 January 2019

January Investment Strategy: US slowdown to dodge recession

The extreme polarisation of politics has also led to the longest government shutdown in US history

Monthly Investment strategy

20 December 2018

December Investment Strategy: A Year of No Returns

When the quantitative easing goes out: 2018 has been unique in terms of the breadth of negative returns across assets.

Monthly Investment strategy

23 November 2018

November Investment Strategy: Waving goodbye to peak global growth

Looking ahead to the last lap of the cycle

Monthly Investment strategy

19 October 2018

What yield curves are telling us about recession risks

The debate over the implications of US treasury yield curve inversion will return

Monthly Investment strategy

20 September 2018

Dollar’s strength hits emerging markets

Five years ago1, Professor Hélène Rey reminded central bankers gathered at Jackson Hole, of how the close interconnection of capital markets represented a facilitator in the transmission of shocks, i ...

Research & Investment Strategy

19 July 2018

July Investment Strategy: A fistful of dollar deficits

The deleveraging process in the US appears to be coming to a close.

Monthly Investment strategy

20 June 2018

June investment strategy: Emerging markets - dollar dolour

Risks tilt to the downside after a combination of shocks

Research & Investment Strategy

23 May 2018

May Investment Strategy: Five global risks worth worrying about

Over the next 24 months, asset allocations should start taking account of the inherent risks.

Research & Investment Strategy

19 April 2018

April Investment Strategy: Ominous prospect of a trade war shouldn't derail global growth

The engines of global growth are still running and despite some disappointing first quarter data