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Research & Investment Strategy

22 January 2020

January Investment Strategy - Reining in animal spirits

The world economy is breathing better but is not ready for a sprint.

Research & Investment Strategy

17 December 2019

December Investment Strategy - It is getting (a bit) clearer

Good news on two major headwinds which defined 2019: trade war, and Brexit.

Research & Investment Strategy

23 October 2019

October Investment Strategy - Re-balance sheet policy

With some progress on the trade war and Brexit, some tail risks are receding. But we are far from resolution.

Research & Investment Strategy

25 September 2019

Yields through the looking glass

For a euro-based investor, 70% of global fixed income is now negative-yielding – unprecedented for institutional investors.

Research & Investment Strategy

24 July 2019

July Investment Strategy - Prevent horizon: US sidesteps recession for now

The US economic slowdown remains modest – the world’s largest economy looks set to avoid a recession in the next 12 months, thanks to the Fed’s monetary easing

Research & Investment Strategy

21 June 2019

June Investment Strategy: This war talk’s spoiling all the fun

The US economy is still strong, whereas the Eurozone shows weakening signs

Research & Investment Strategy

21 May 2019

May Investment Strategy: Dealing with the governments we deserve

US-China tensions are back with a new round of tariff increases and threats of further escalation

Research & Investment Strategy

25 April 2019

April Investment Strategy: China in a bull shop

With the “policy put” in place (dovish US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank, fiscal stimulus in China and Eurozone), we have been waiting for signs of a cyclical upswing… getting us to focus ...

Monthly Investment strategy

22 March 2019

March Investment Strategy: Liquidity: The tide is high as central banks hold on

From the European Central Bank’s tiny steps to the US Federal Reserve’s balance sheet policy, the liquidity tide is high.