Summary of Investor Rights

AXA Investment Managers - collective investment undertakings

Please note that below summary describes your key rights as an Investor or potential Investor (the “Investors”) of collective investment undertakings for which an AXA IM entity based in the European Union act as a management company (the “Funds”) for the purposes of the European Union Cross Border Distribution Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/1156).

The below summary is not intended to be an exhaustive list of rights that Investors may have in respect of the Funds. Should you require further details, please refer to the prospectus, offering memorandum, articles of incorporation and/or management regulations (the “Fund’s Legal Documentation”) of the relevant Fund. The below summary in English is also available in other languages on local AXA IM websites.

Right to Receive Income – Depending on the nature of the shares/units (either accumulation or distribution), each Investor has the right to receive a proportionate share of the income (if any) of the portfolio(s) the Investor has invested in. Please refer to the Fund’s Legal Documentation for further details.

Right to Redeem your investment – Each Investor has the right to redeem their investment according to the redemption process and the timeframe set out in the Fund’s Legal Documentation, provided that all documents to ensure compliance with AML/CTF Laws and Regulations have been provided.

Right to Receive Information relating to your investment – Each Investor has the right to receive certain information about the Fund(s) and the Portfolio(s) they have invested in. This information includes a copy of the Fund’s Legal Documentation and the annual and semi-annual financial reports and is available on AXA IM website. A paper copy is also available on request by contacting the investment manager or the central administration agent appointed in respect of the Fund you have invested in.

Any material changes to the Fund’s Legal Documentation shall be notified to you in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

The Fund Document Library which is available on the AXA IM website provides all legal, regulatory, and reporting documents for all relevant AXA IM Funds.

Additionally, the Fund Centre available on the AXA IM website provides detailed information on product range accessible in your region, including performance, latest Net Asset Value (NAV) per share/unit and fund manager commentaries.

Voting rights and right to attend Shareholder Meetings – When the Fund is legally arranged as a company, each shareholder of such Fund has the right to receive notice of, attend in person or by proxy and vote (whether at general meeting or other shareholder meetings), unless shareholder has chosen to invest in shares which do not carry voting rights.

Right to Data Privacy and Data Protection – Subject to applicable law, Investors may have rights in respect of their personal data, including right to access and rectification of their personal data, and in some circumstances right to object or to restrict the processing of their personal data. Please note that personal data shall not be held for longer than necessary with regard to the purpose of data processing carried out under our Personal Data principles available at

Right to Complain – AXA IM is always committed to provide the best possible service to Investors in its managed Funds. If Investors are dissatisfied with the service provided, they are entitled to make a complaint either with the marketer or directly with the management company.  AXA IM has set up a complaints process with the aim of ensuring that complaints are processed transparently and promptly.

Further information on how to make a comment or complaint can be found at

Investors also have the right to take legal or extra-judicial action at any time. Investors have the right to file an application for out-of-court settlement of a complaint with the local competent supervisory authority. If you reside in one of the countries of the European Union, the European online dispute resolution platform allows you to submit  a complaint form and informs you, depending on your jurisdiction, about your means of redress (

Terminate marketing arrangements within EU member states – AXA IM funds may have been notified for distribution in different EU member states. Investor’s attention is drawn to the fact that AXA IM may decide to terminate marketing arrangements regarding distribution of its collective investment undertakings under EU denotification process. Nevertheless, the possibility to cease marketing UCITS or AIFs Funds in a particular member state will neither come at a cost to Investors nor diminish their rights to receive accurate information on the continued activities of those Funds.