AXA IM Research Award

The AXA IM Research Award, in partnership with the AXA Research Fund, recognises the key role of research in enabling a just and green transition. The third edition will recognise transformative research that explores solutions to address the social impacts of climate change, and the transition to an environmentally sustainable and climate-safe future.

Submit your nominations by 20 October 2023

Transition towards a fair and inclusive future: the social dimensions of climate change.

Addressing the inequalities faced by disadvantaged and marginalised groups in the context of climate change requires tailored solutions that take account of the day-to-day realities of people and communities.

The third edition of the AXA IM Research Award recognises research that explores solutions to enable a fair and inclusive future.

Award amount and allocation

The total amount of the award is 100,000€. The money must be exclusively dedicated to research purposes. The amount of the award will be paid to the university with which the researcher is affiliated. 

Researchers eligibility

The AXA IM Research Award is aimed at supporting an advanced researcher between PhD + 5 years  and PhD + 15 years maximum. Candidates should consider the full application deadline i.e. 17 November 2023 to calculate their PhD date and assess their eligibility. 


  1. Call for nominations from 25 September to 20 October 2023. 
  2. Full applications by nominees from 3 to 17 November 2023.
  3. Selection on 22 November 2023.
  4. Results announcement on 23 November 2023. - Results will be sent by email to nominees and nominators will be informed of the final result if their nominee is selected.


What are the award's areas of focus?

We will look at research projects exploring inclusive solutions which will focus on the following areas:
  • Innovative and inclusive solutions aimed at addressing social and gender inequalities, helping the poorest, most vulnerable and most marginalised populations to protect themselves against climatic hazards, but also climate transition measures, so they can adapt to the climate emergency and build resilience for the future to they can thrive. ​​
  • Solutions aimed at protecting human health and well-being, that support - for example – food security, infrastructure, inclusive social protection, and water policies. ​​
  • Novel approaches aimed at accelerating raised awareness and behavioural changes through – for example - increase of education, including capacity building; climate literacy; and information provided through climate services and community approaches.​​
  • Measurement and tracking as the nexus of the socio-economic impacts of climate change, both in terms of assessing the social progress and challenges of an inclusive transition. 

Nominees applying are expected to demonstrate the novelty, innovation, and impact of their research in these areas.

Why have we launched this award?

As a leading responsible asset manager, we are committed to going beyond what is expected, and this include partnering with academia to back and empower researchers and the scientific community through grants, awards or donations to drive the solutions we need to overcome the world’s sustainability problems.  

Building on the success of the AXA IM Research Award 2021 & 2022, we are partnering with the AXA Research Fund for a third edition aiming at recognising and awarding research that explore solutions to address the social impacts of climate change, and the transition journey.

The initiative is aligned with the AXA Group’s sustainability roadmap, where AXA IM are a key contributor, and our own strategic priority to increase our role in society.

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