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AXA IM Offers Fintech Exposure with Launch of Cross-border Fund

  • 06 February 2019 (5 min read)

Managed by Vincent Vinatier, the Luxembourg-domiciled fund has been launched on the back of successful fundraising in Japan where the strategy has seen inflows of nearly $1 billion. This follows the rebrand and shift in investment focus of the existing UK-domiciled AXA Framlington Financials Fund, which was renamed the AXA Framlington FinTech Fund.

The AXA WF Framlington FinTech fund aims to invest globally in a concentrated portfolio of 40-60 companies expected to have high growth potential across three key themes which offer opportunities across the entire fintech value chain:

  • Cashless society – People around the world are increasingly making payments digitally, taking us towards a cashless society.
  • Innovative leaders – Many established financial companies are disrupting the financial services industry, by using technology to serve their large, existing client base.
  • Technology enablers – ‘Enablers’ provide the crucial technology to support and develop fintech companies’ digital presence via various channels and devices e.g. cyber security and regulatory technology (RegTech).

Vincent Vinatier, manager of the AXA WF Framlington FinTech fund commented:

“Technological transformation is changing many aspects of how we live and work, and this is particularly true when it comes to financial services. Innovations in financial technology like mobile banking, digital payments, big data and analytics are taking us into a new era and influencing how we manage our money on a daily basis.”

“With the AXA WF Framlington FinTech fund, we aim to capture the performance of this expanding global fintech market by investing in a concentrated portfolio of companies expected to have high-growth potential, which apply technological innovations to disrupt and improve the delivery of financial services.”

The AXA WF Framlington FinTech fund forms part of the “Evolving Economy” fund range which is comprised of five key themes: Automation, the Connected Consumer, Ageing and Lifestyle, CleanTech, and Transitioning Societies, which AXA IM believes will shape the way companies operate in future.

Matthew Lovatt, Global Head of Framlington Equities, comments on the fund’s positioning within the Evolving Economy:

“At AXA IM we have conducted extensive research into the way consumer behaviours are changing, and we have found that the number of financial transactions made each day has increased steadily in recent years, and digital payments have become more embedded in routine activities. As this pace of innovation gets quicker, customers increasingly expect the ability to make secure financial transactions anywhere, anytime, on any platform. This is an exciting thematic shift in the industry that we are committed to.”

The fund is registered and available to professional investors in the UK, Austria, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Portugal, and Liechtenstein.

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    About Vincent Vinatier

    Vincent is a Portfolio Manager within Framlington Equities, where he has been responsible for managing the Financials strategy, focusing primarily on Global financials since 2012. Prior to this role, Vincent had been a Senior Equity Analyst and Fund Manager at Schroders, managing UK Financials and European Media and Telecom portfolios. Preceding this he had his first stint at AXA IM, where for four years he worked as a Senior Equity Analyst covering the UK financials, European Media and Telecom sectors. Vincent started his investment career at Cazenove & Co in 1997 as an Equity Analyst covering European Media Small & Mid cap and French Equities. Vincent has two Master’s degrees, in Business Administration from Audencia Nantes School of Management; and in International Securities and Investment Banking from Reading University.

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