Our pledge to sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, with the ambition to be the world’s leading responsible asset manager.

Corporate Responsibility: our responsibility as a business and employer

In Corporate Responsibility, we are guided by three commitments: People, Environment and Business resilience.


We strive for an inclusive work environment built on fairness, equality and wellbeing in which performance and long-term employability can be nurtured.


As a leading asset manager, we recognise our responsibility and crucial role we can play as an investor in leading the transition to a low carbon economy.

Business resilience

We seek to produce a long-term profit in a responsible, resilient and sustainable manner. 

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Responsible Investing

When we invest, it is to deliver long-term sustainable performance for our clients, but we recognise that every action we take has a consequence.

We engage for good

We are not a passive partner for clients.

We invest for purpose

In everything we do we are committed to driving investment performance, while also creating positive progress.

We partner for change

We actively seek out partners who share our ambitions.

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