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The winners and losers in 2021: Which asset classes should investors potentially favour?

2020 was not your average year but we move into 2021 overweight equities

How can President Biden tackle Climate Change?

The challenges Biden will face in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

COVID-19: Data privacy risks and potential opportunities

The pandemic has presented an opportunity to rethink the dynamics of data privacy risks and opportunities for technology companies

Market volatility and positioning assets for the potential 2021 recovery

Investors could arguably be forgiven for forgetting what real volatility felt like, given the period of relative calm in the years running up to 2020.

Machine learning and factor investing

Machine learning has the power to uncover previously inaccessible investment insights that can be of particular benefit to factor investors.

Pandemic bonds: How they can help finance the fight against coronavirus

Nearly $200m[1] is set to be paid out to some of the poorest countries affected by coronavirus from pandemic bonds issued three years ago by the World Bank. So what are pandemic bonds, and how are th ...

Singles Day: China’s biggest e-commerce phenomenon

Singles Day originated in 1993 in China in response to Valentine’s Day and as a celebration of being single.

How will digitalization create a more resilient post-pandemic world?

In partnership with Bloomberg we examine what the increased speed of digital progress could mean for investors.

How AI will create jobs, the health cost of emissions and protecting female talent

A report suggests artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it destroys, while a new type of paint could keep buildings cool, reduce carbon and the impact of the pandemic on the female workf ...

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