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Why green energy is nowhere near bubble territory

Rising valuations for clean energy companies highlights the importance of fundamental analysis and a considered view

Machine learning and factor investing, part II

How machine learning can help identify moats - competitive advantages that could allow firms to achieve sustainable long-term value creation.

A token price

Part of the crypto finance infrastructure went public this week by issuing traditional equity on a traditional exchange to raise traditional dollars.

UK plc: Coming out of COVID fighting

No nation emerged from 2020 economically unscathed, but the UK was hit harder than many, suffering the worst economic recession amongst the G7

The problem with credit indices

The UK institutional client base is reliant on fixed income securities to meet its long-term requirement for stable, long term, income-generating assets.

Bank of Japan: Assessing the outcome of its strategic review

The Bank of Japan kept the status quo at its March monetary policy meeting but the market’s attention was on its policy review

Global Imbalances Redux ?

We don’t think Europe can easily emulate the US and engage in a massive fiscal stimulus. More emerging countries are hitting the limits of their policy space.

10 minute read

Forward-looking and short-sighted

• Inflation expectations tend to be “over-sensitive” to the current message of business surveys, which have good predictive power over a short horizon only.

15 minute read

China: Path to ‘Net-Zero’

How the world’s largest emitter plans to become carbon neutral

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