Connected Consumer

What is the Connected Consumer?

The rise of smartphones has given consumers globally unprecedented access and choice when it comes to shopping. Digital-native millennials are also reaching their peak spending years, while older, wealthier generations are also increasingly connected and comfortable shopping online.

What does the Connected Consumer mean for investors?

Traditional businesses are reaching a crunch point where they must adapt to the digital age or be disrupted by more digitally-savvy firms. Retailers are rapidly adapting to the needs of these connected consumers to make shopping quicker, easier and more personalised. We believe this represents a significant structural opportunity for investors seeking long-term growth.

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The Evolving Economy at AXA Investment Managers

  • Established thematic investor

    30-year track record of thematic investing and product innovation

  • Innovative research structure

    Collaborative research structure to prioritise Evolving Economy exposure over traditional geographic and sector information

  • Deep insight to performance drivers

    Our proprietary thematic exposure database quantifies Evolving Economy exposure across a universe of c.11,000 companies*

  • Active, long-term approach

    We distinguish between short-term investment hype and investment reality by focusing on long-term commercial viability.

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