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Six months home

The last six months have seen amazing returns from financial markets.

Biodiversity targets, better ageing and ice still melting

The need to set more ambitious targets for biodiversity, why people are ageing better and a new climate change warning.

Research & Investment Strategy

Monthly Op-Ed - Focus on the swoosh or the push?

The recent dataflow is consistent with our base case: the world’s economy is not experiencing a “V-shape” recovery, but rather is following a “swoosh” trajectory in which after an initial spectacular ...

Research & Investment Strategy

September Global Macro Monthly & Investment Strategy - Biden his time

The US has seen fewer new virus cases since its summer peak, but the virus is rising sharply in some European countries and across emerging markets more broadly

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Word Up

Risk-free yields and curves are range-bound and will remain so as central banks strengthen their resolve to encourage a rise in inflation.

Can electric vehicles help drive a green recovery?

In partnership with Bloomberg, we look at the potential future of transport - and whether electric vehicles might drive change

Responsible investment

AXA IM Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosure Report highlights

Responsible investment

Strategic Asset Allocation for a +1.5°C World: a proposed framework

Climate change is material risk - Global warming poses long-term physical risks as the climate changes, as well as nearer term risks as the energy sector shifts from fossil fuels to low-carbon altern ...

Responsible investment

COVID-19: Stewardship and the pandemic

How has the coronavirus crisis impacted stewardship and how we might invest?

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