Role: Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific
Business Area: General Management
Nationality: Australian
Location: Hong Kong

How did you come to work at AXA IM?

My career has proven to be somewhat eclectic. I spent my early days in Australia working as a Barrister specialising in Criminal Law and then as a Private Client advisor at a stockbroking firm. In 2003, I relocated to the UK and was given an opportunity to join the fund accounting team at AXA IM, moving to the Portfolio Control team in 2005.

I then joined the Product Specialist Unit where I was the Product Manager overseeing the Sterling Fixed Income offering and then the Fixed Income Product Specialist responsible for profiling the fixed income offering in the UK. As much as I loved the role and, in particular, the people in the team, I was somewhat intrigued by the UK Chief Operating Officer  role, which I was able to assume in 2008. After four years in this role, I was offered a move to Hong Kong which has turned out to be a great opportunity to learn about a very different, dynamic region whilst at the same time getting my three great kids closer to their relatives in Australia.

What do you currently do?

My responsibilities as the Chief Operating Officer is Asia are actually quite broad. My main priority is to work with the Head of the Region to develop our business in Asia by reflecting global priorities while addressing local client needs and the cultural context. 

I am also responsible for ensuring local regulatory requirements are met across the region. In addition, I chair the Local Control Committee to ensure the proper dynamics across our local support functions. My time is also spent helping represent AXA IM for our joint ventures in China and India and being part of the AXA IM Global COO Governance Committee. 

What do you like most about working for AXA IM?

AXA IM has provided me with superb opportunities to grow as I have had the benefit of 5 jobs in 10 years across 2 regions. I work with great people whose professionalism and integrity is quite striking. It is gratifying to be part of an organisation with an outstanding global brand that is for ever growing and very broad in its reach. Finally, while there are times when the work pressure is full on, I am also able to have a very good work/life balance. 

Interview led in 2013.