Role: Head of Corporate Governance
Business area: Responsible Investment
Nationality: Nigerian
Location: London

How did you come to work at AXA IM?

I am a lawyer by training having obtained a LL.B Hons from Wolverhampton University and an LL.M from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.  After completing the New York State Bar Examination, I worked in Washington, D.C. as an intern in an organisation which advised pension funds on corporate governance issues.  This was my first exposure to corporate governance and I decided to focus my career in this area. 

In 2000, I moved back to the UK and spent three years as an analyst for the National Association of Pensions Funds Voting Issues Service, followed by a couple of years at Henderson Global Investors as Manager, Corporate Governance.  I joined AXA IM in 2005. 

What do you currently do?

I am part of the Responsible Investment team which is a team of researchers reviewing environmental, social and governance issues impacting on companies.

In addition, as secretary to the AXA IM Corporate Governance Committee, I am involved in setting and implementing strategies to promote good corporate governance in companies we have invested in on behalf of our clients.  This involves working with our fund managers to meet with directors of companies to discuss and clarify issues relating to corporate governance and the long-term performance of companies.  

I also ensure that AXA IM exercises our clients' voting rights at the general meetings of companies in which we invest.  This includes voting on board appointments, remuneration proposals and other issues delegated to shareholders.   

What do you like about working at AXA IM?

AXA IM is a family-friendly place that allows me to achieve a reasonable work/life balance. You are encouraged to use your initiative which means that the scope of your role and its impact comes down to you.  I enjoy interacting with people at all levels of the organisation – from discussing companies with fund managers to encouraging interns and recent graduates to develop in the same way I was when I first began working at AXA IM.

Interview led in 2013.