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We are at the dawn of the robotics revolution, as the global robotics market is expected to grow by 10 - 15% a year until 2025.1

Today robots are rapidly changing multiple aspects of how we live and work. Advances in technology mean that robots are now not only capable of performing highly sophisticated and delicate tasks but are also able to work safely alongside people, helping to drive efficiency and boost productivity.

While we are still in the early stages of this disruptive trend, its long-term potential seems evident to a growing number of equity investors. And, with an opportunity set that spans the full market spectrum - from small to large cap, robotics is increasingly being recognized as a viable investment and potentially superior growth area of the market.  

Therefore, our Robotech strategy focusses on global robotics companies. Its objective is to identify companies, of all sizes and across the world, which should benefit from the sector’s development and therefore potentially deliver long-term capital growth.

Reverting to fundamentals in our robotics strategy

High-growth sectors incur inherent incertitude and not all of the companies involved will be tomorrow’s winners. It is therefore vital to fully understand the areas in which robotics will potentially add value, in order to adopt a dynamic investment approach, which is essential to access tomorrow’s nuggets. We focus on companies which should see strong earnings growth over the medium to long term, thanks to the design, production and use of robotics technology. For this reason, we do not limit our universe to traditional robotics players, which are typically small and midcap firms developing new technologies but also major groups.

In 2016, we met with more than 400 company managers in four key sectors:

Industrial automation
As robots are less expensive than humans and are increasingly able to interact with people, they are creating many new opportunities across the expanse of the industrial sector. Their use is now also spreading to small & mid-sized companies. Discover one of the ways industries use industrial automation in this video.


Robots no longer simply manufacture cars, they can now drive them. This also applies to vehicles used in logistics, the transportation of merchandise and in agriculture. Discover one of these innovations, the moving object detection's system for on-road vehicle using a stereo camera in this video.


The two main applications are robotic surgery and patient surveillance. The use of robotics provides numerous advantages for both patients and hospitals. Surgical procedures are more precise, risk of infection is reduced, healing is faster and hospitalisation and convalescence periods are shorter. Robotic applications are also able to anticipate health problems more efficiently. Discover the advantages of the robotic surgery in this video.

Semiconductors & software
Robotics are fed and controlled by connectivity. They are intelligent enough to capture and analyse the mass of information they collect, and then act accordingly. Discover how the integrated industry (or industry 4.0) reaches the next level in this video.


A pioneer in the sector

AXA IM was among the pioneers focusing on this emerging high-growth trend. Our teams draw on Framlington Equities’ recognised long-term sector and thematic investment experience, primarily in the tech and healthcare sectors:

  • 2

    specialist robotics fund managers

  • 60

    equity investment management regional and sector experts

  • 19

    year's average experience

 Source: AXA IM, October 2017; Information about the staff team of AXA Investment Managers is only indicative.
1 Source: Boston Consulting Group, May 2017; This figure is a forecast of the total growth of the robotics market and does not constitute a guide to the performance of the Framlington Robotech strategy

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