Private Markets

Our private markets impact investing programme deploys capital through alternative assets. We believe this provides the most direct pathway to generating impact outcomes at scale with the deepest and most diversified investment opportunity sets.

We finance businesses and projects designed to have intentional, positive and measurable impact on the environment and society, while simultaneously delivering financial market rate returns. Our funds target impact across asset classes, themes and geographies. 

Our impact themes

Our impact investment activities are global and aim to address the critical challenges of our time. Our mission is to ‘empower what we value – the planet we inhabit and the people we serve’. Our investments are grouped under two pillars:

  • Environment: We focus on climate change and biodiversity by investing across a range of projects, products and services that conserve natural capital, promote resource efficiency and mitigate climate change, and improve resilience and adaptation of vulnerable communities to these critical environmental challenges. 

  • Social: We look to empower underserved individuals and communities by investing in innovative solutions that promote financial inclusion, access to quality education, improved health outcomes and enhance livelihood opportunities, among other basic needs.


AXA IM impact investing themes


Positive, intentional and measurable impact

We invest in solutions where our capital and inputs aim to directly create the environmental or social outcomes we are seeking to generate. We use a logic model to assess and identify tangible solutions that create intentional and positive outcomes relevant to identified social and environmental challenges. Each investment has a clear impact objective aligned to a specific theory of change.

AXA IM impact wheel

Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is estimated to require trillions of dollars of financing per year and the private sector has a significant role to play in closing this funding gap. Our programme is aligned with this objective by providing new capital to address targeted societal challenges. 

We contribute to the SDGs by funding solutions that aim to contribute at depth and scale to specific SDGs. At a product level, we choose priority SDGs that are directly linked to the impact mission of our strategies.

Over the three strategies that we currently manage, our investments have contributed directly to the following SDGs: 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Source: United Nations

Impact management

Our proprietary impact management and measurement system covers all aspects of our investment process including initial assessment, evaluation, due diligence, investment, monitoring and exit. Our system is aligned with the Operating Principles for Impact Management and is intended to embed impact considerations at the heart of our investment strategy in a robust and credible way. AXA IM is a founding signatory to the Principles and a Member of the Advisory Board.

Investment process - Impact and ESG

Investment process - Impact and ESG table

Impact measurement

We establish clear performance targets and indicators and monitor an investment’s progress towards the attainment of its impact objective and contribution to the SDGs. Our proprietary system is aligned with established impact standards and resources including the Impact Management Project and IRIS+ and covers pre-and post-investment stages in line with the typical private equity lifecycle. 

Our highest-rated investments are aligned with the impact mission, have moved from the input stage to output stage and demonstrate positive social or environmental impact outcomes aligned with financial returns.

OPIM Disclosure Statement 

OPIM Assurance Report 2020

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