Role: Global Head of Senior Expertise Risk Managers
Business area: Risk Management
Nationality: French
Location: Paris

How did you come to work at AXA IM?

I was working as a Vice President in the Credit Exotics Trading & Structuring group at JPMorgan in London until early 2007. We were arranging credit derivatives transactions for hedge funds and large asset managers such as AXA Investment Managers. These were the Aria programmes, amongst the first broadly syndicated, fully synthetic, credit derivatives transactions, and similar transactions. In 2007, I moved to AXA Investment Managers to work in the Structured Corporate Credit team of AXA Structured Finance. Business development continued until early 2008, when we switched our focus to ensuring that our portfolios could withstand the financial crisis – which most of them did very effectively.

What do you currently do?

At the end of 2010, I joined AXA Rosenberg in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Director of Model Risk, part of the Risk Management team. Management was working on strengthening the company and focused on growing the business. In early 2012, I was appointed Head of Risk Management and concentrated on the implementation of a newly expanded Risk & Controls framework.

In September 2013 I was appointed Global Head of the Senior Expertise Risk Managers (SERM) managing a team comprised of the various local Chief Risk Officers, expertise Heads of Risk Management and SERMs. I am relocating to Paris for this role within Global Risk Management. Senior Expertise Risk Managers are the key point of contact between each expertise and global risk management. We work in collaboration with the global investment risk and operational risk teams to implement the Risk & Controls framework defined with the top management.

What do you like most about working for AXA IM?

AXA Investment Managers remains one of the most sophisticated players in the industry, both in terms of client solutions (deal structures) and portfolio management techniques (degree of precision, management of risks). This is made possible by the continued support of AXA Group, also one of the most advanced and innovative players in its industry. Although this sometimes creates challenges from a data management and systems viewpoint, the focus on innovation and precision is something which makes working at AXA Investment Managers a very stimulating journey.

Interview led in 2013.