What has 2020 taught us?

Our people convictions - Episode 2

Join our group chat to discover episode two of our people’s convictions, as we all reflect on what this year has taught us, and what we stand up for now.

Coming to you from kitchen tables, office desks, and coffee corners, people from across our business join our chat to discover the beliefs that unite us as individuals and as a business.

Featuring: Marion Delattre (Talent Specialist), Romain Fischer (Benefits Specialist), Hans Stoter (Global Head of Core Investments), Yo Takatsuki (Head of ESG Research & Active Ownership), Shade Duffy (Director of Impact Management and Impact Investing), Justin Travlos (Global Head of Responsible Investment, AXA IM Real Assets), Deborah Shire (Deputy Head of AXA IM Alts, Global Head of Structured Finance), Pietro Martorella (Head of Client Group, Italy), Laurence Arnold (Head of Innovation Management & Strategic Initiatives).