Role: Learning & Development Specialist
Business Area: Human Resources
Nationality: German
Location: Frankfurt

How did you come to work at AXA IM?

While completing an apprenticeship programme at a pharmaceutical company, I realised that I wanted to develop my career within the HR profession. I decided to complete a Business Administration degree focused on HR and Controlling, while working full time in various HR generalist roles. After six years and lots of different experiences within HR, I decided thatlearning and development (L&D) is the area I am most passionate about so I began looking for an L&D role which would allow me to further grow my career.  I was impressed by AXA IM's ongoing commitment to invest in developing their employees and delighted to join a global company and work within a global HR function in 2011.

What do you currently do?

As a Learning & Development Specialist, I help to develop our managers and employees in Northern Europe and Asia. It´s really important to understand the needs of each individual so that we can provide individual and group learning solutions which are relevant at every stage of their career. Working with colleagues in Asia is fascinating and challenging at the same time because of the different cultures and ways of learning. It's great to be able to support colleagues with their development regardless of where they are located. 
Learning is rapidly moving away from the traditional classroom format to flexible learning on demand so our L&D team is constantly looking for new ways to make this shift. I am particularly interested in using digital tools to promote social learning i.e. employees learning from and with each other.

What do you like most about working at AXA IM?

The work environment promotes flexibility and openness and encourages people to be innovative and creative.  There is space and room for ideas. I am in a stand-alone role but I feel fully integrated and connected to the L&D team and the wider HR team. It's great to work where there are so many different personalities and cultures and people are positive and interested in networking. Although I am responsible for helping to develop others, I get a lot of development myself. There's a lot of variety in my work and I am constantly learning and get the chance to grow my career.

Interview led in 2012.