Role: Senior Eurozone Economist
Business Area:  Research & Investment Strategy
Nationality: French
Location:  Paris

How did you come to work at AXA IM?

After completing a Master of Arts in International Relations at Sciences Po, Paris in 2006 and an Msc in Economics from the London School of Economics in 2007, finance came as a natural area to start my professional career. I wanted to use economics in a real-world and impactful way, something that was mostly possible within financial institutions. I therefore started as a European Economist in the research team at Lehman Brothers. Following Lehman's fallout, I continued in the same role with Nomura. After several years on the sell-side, I realised that I wanted to move closer to where investment decisions are made. I joined Goldman Sachs' Investment Management Division and broadened my spectrum, helping running portfolios not only with economic analysis, but also with strategy and trade ideas. In 2012, I joined AXA IM's Research & Investment Strategy team where I am responsible for the house view on the euro area.

What do you currently do?

My job is to cover economic and political developments in the euro area so as to form views and forecasts and to draw investment implications for the region.  It is mostly an analytical role involving a heavy load of data crunching and modelling. But it also requires intellectual curiosity and the ability to read and research from various sources, from the academia and international organisations to newspapers and even Twitter.

The second important aspect of my job is to be able to communicate effectively on the messages the team wants to convey. Again, the channels are diverse: client presentations, regular speeches at international conferences, internal discussions with portfolio managers, written publications or media appearances. What makes this endeavour even more appealing is the fact that the audiences are usually very different. You simply cannot deliver the same presentation to a fund manager and to a retail client!

What do you like most about working for AXA IM?

It is not always the case in financial institutions that macro analysis is valued and sought after. But I feel that it is strongly the case at AXA IM, judging by the variety and intensity of interactions I have with many parts of the organisation. Also, our being part of the AXA Group gives a massive reach to the team's investment recommendations:  discussions and decisions with AXA insurance companies really make an impact!

Interview led in 2012.