In an age of disruption the need for organisations to transform is more pertinent than ever before. The digital, economic, demographic and social landscape for business is changing at an exponentially fast pace and will have a significant impact on both clients and employees.

At AXA Investment Managers we are responding to this changing environment with a clear strategy to embed a deep culture of self-directed learning and development. We are building an organisation where our people feel empowered to continuously develop as individuals and support each other to drive customer centricity and business transformation in this challenging environment.

Rapidly changing internal and external factors have a direct impact on the skills we need to drive AXA IM into the future. The “half-life” of a learned skill is 5-years. This means that much of what you learned 10 years ago is obsolete and half of what you learned 5 years ago is irrelevant.

We simply cannot learn what we need to know now and in the future using only traditional methods of learning and development. In the past, employees learned to gain skills for a career; now, your career itself is a continuous journey of learning.

Our AXA Values and Leadership Framework set our expectations that employees must drive and own their personal and professional development whilst simultaneously enabling others to grow. We aim to nurture ‘Learnatics’; a term coined by psychologists to describe people with an innate desire to learn. Our managers coach their teams to develop learnatic behaviours; curiosity, resourcefulness and persistency, to build their capability and own their career. By demonstrating a continuous appetite for learning you open the door to the fantastic opportunities and high-quality learning solutions AXA IM makes accessible to all employees.