Role: Assistant Portfolio Manager in 2008 (now Portfolio Manager)
Business Area: Fixed Income
Nationality: Bulgarian

My name is Iva and I come from Bulgaria. I have a Masters degree in Finance from the University of National and World Economies in Sofia. Last year, I did my second Masters degree specialising in Asset Management here in Paris at the University of Pantheon Assas.

Why did you choose AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) ?

My story at AXA IM started in 2007, when I joined the Fixed Income Product Specialist team as an intern. It was a great opportunity for me because I didn't have any previous experience in the area of asset management. It really helped me to learn a lot about the markets and different financial instruments. During my internship, I had to prepare different kinds of reports for clients, requests for proposals and of course the most interesting and exciting part of my job, was to participate in projects for creating new funds or reshaping existing funds.

How has your career developed since joining AXA IM ?

After my six-month internship, I had the chance to join the portfolio management team, which manages the Euro Aggregate Fixed Income portfolios. My current position is Assistant portfolio manager, which includes supporting the portfolio managers with their day-to-day jobs, updating portfolios and benchmarks to have a clear view of where is the performance of our funds compared to the market, preparing risk meetings and hedging cash flows. The most exciting part of my job is the monthly Fixed Income Forecasting meeting because this is the moment, when I can learn a lot from the different kinds of discussions with the strategists and economists. I would like to continue my career in the area of asset management and become a portfolio manager soon. And I really think that my current position prepares me for the next step.

It was my dream to come and live in Paris. My ambition is to work on the financial markets so I think that I have found a good formula to combine my professional and personal life. The thing I find challenging is the fact that I don't speak French fluently, but I came to the right place to learn it.

I love to travel and discover new exiting places. And each time I want to make a new trip, I can ask my colleagues for advice because AXA is a big company, multicultural and the atmosphere is really friendly and open.

What would you recommend to future applicants ?

I would like to give you some tips: just try to be very open and show your core motivation because AXA IM is a really big company, which proposes a lot of opportunities and positions. And with the right motivation, you can find the job that really suits you best.