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Responsible investment

Green bonds: How active management aims to make the most of a dynamic sector

The market for financing linked to environmentally friendly projects and companies is heading rapidly towards the $1trn mark.

The Evolving Economy

Cyber Monday: 4 reasons online sales are surging

Cyber Monday evolved as the digital equivalent of US shopping holiday ‘Black Friday’, as retailers encouraged people to shop online.

Fixed income

Inflation linked bonds: Why we have upped our exposure following the US election

The extraordinary monetary and fiscal support from central banks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has been welcome news for investors.

Real assets

Curlow's convictions: Structural impact of COVID-19 on the office sector

Office space is constantly evolving in order to adapt to changes in the behaviour of its users and incorporate their needs.


Fiscal Glitches

We look at “glitches” which impair fiscal policy in the US and the Euro area. We don’t think the Republican “red line” on a quantum would constrain a decent emergency stimulus that much.

Iggo's insight

Hoping to give thanks

Markets want to trade with cyclical hope but we might be back in a wait-and-see regime for a few weeks.

Multi Asset

COVID-19: The long-term impact on growth, inflation and investment returns

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a host of new pressures to bear on pretty much the entire investment universe. Constructing and adapting multi-asset strategies in this environment requires a deep u ...

Research & Investment Strategy

The emerging market COVID-19 debt surge – no crisis on the horizon, yet

As with advanced economies, the pandemic has led to a massive increase in public spending in emerging markets


What experience tells us about investing and risk

Personal experience goes a long way in influencing our behaviours, especially if those experiences are engrained over a long period of time.