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MAI views

22 November 2019

Multi-asset investments views – December 2019 The market rotation should continue

Our key convictions: We are tactically overweight equities as positive developments (Central banks easing, Trade war, Brexit, Banking Union) are releasing some pressures and should allow global growt ...

MAI views

23 October 2019

Multi-asset investments views – November 2019 Is this as good as it gets?

MAI views

17 October 2019

Multi-Asset investment views - October 2019

Serge Pizem shares his views on the global economic outlook

MAI views

24 September 2019

Multi-asset investments views - October 2019: Market repricing

We keep a slight cyclical tilt in our Euro equity exposure as market pessimism on Eurozone growth is still extreme. We remain prudent on US equities as prices are close to all-time highs while the un ...

MAI views

29 July 2019

Multi-asset investments views - August 2019: Extreme pricing

We remain prudent on US equities given trade war risks and aggressive Fed pricing; we have introduced a cyclical tilt in our Euro equity exposure as market pessimism on growth is extreme

MAI views

24 June 2019

Multi-asset investments views - July 2019 - Will the Fed lose patience?

US monetary policy outlook appears increasingly dependent on the medium-term outlook for US trade policy. We still expect negotiations to resume between the US and China after a meeting between the ...

MAI views

28 May 2019

Multi-Asset Investments views - June 2019 - Trade war remains front and center

As a result, developed markets (DM) have adjusted slightly lower recently but remain within firing range of their recent highs

MAI views

09 May 2019

Multi-Asset investment views - May 2019

Serge Pizem shares his latest views on market developments and MAI Asset Allocations.

MAI views

29 April 2019

Multi-asset investments views - May 2019 - Almost priced for perfection

Risky assets continue to rally with equity markets moving to fresh year-to-date highs. As a result the MSCI World is now only 2% below its all-time record.