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Research & Investment Strategy

13 August 2019

Easing cycle underway

Going forward, we expect Asian central banks to continue to cut rates with a few exceptions – Bank Negara Malaysia and State Bank of Vietnam.

Research & Investment Strategy

25 July 2019

Managing Inconsistencies: what Prime Minister Johnson means for Brexit

Boris Johnson has become the new UK Prime Minister. He made a host of broad commitments, most to be implemented over the medium term and in conjunction with new Chancellor Sajid Javid.

Research & Investment Strategy

24 July 2019

July Investment Strategy - Prevent horizon: US sidesteps recession for now

The US economic slowdown remains modest – the world’s largest economy looks set to avoid a recession in the next 12 months, thanks to the Fed’s monetary easing

Research & Investment Strategy

21 June 2019

June Investment Strategy: This war talk’s spoiling all the fun

The US economy is still strong, whereas the Eurozone shows weakening signs

Research & Investment Strategy

13 June 2019

Rising trade tensions weigh on Fed outlook

We expect negotiations to resume between the two countries after a meeting between their Presidents at the end of this month, despite recent hawkish rhetoric.

Research & Investment Strategy

21 May 2019

May Investment Strategy: Dealing with the governments we deserve

US-China tensions are back with a new round of tariff increases and threats of further escalation

Research & Investment Strategy

17 May 2019

European Parliament elections: More noise but some signals

Populists look set to make strong gains at the European elections but our expectation is that centrists will continue to dominate

Research & Investment Strategy

10 May 2019

US hikes tariffs as trade policy outlook worsens

Reaction to an increase in US trade tariffs

Research & Investment Strategy

30 April 2019

Q&A: The ECB and tiering

Our Thoughts About Monetary Policy’s Future Steps in an Environment of Negative Interest Rates