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Research & Investment Strategy

The emerging market COVID-19 debt surge – no crisis on the horizon, yet

As with advanced economies, the pandemic has led to a massive increase in public spending in emerging markets

Research & Investment Strategy

US election update: clarity, but not certainty

With results continuing to trickle in as initial vote counts conclude, multiple news agencies declared Pennsylvania for Biden over the weekend, taking him over the 270 votes needed for an electoral c ...

Research & Investment Strategy
5 minute read

Trump outperforms polling, in for the long haul

President Trump has done much better than polls suggested, but as yet the Presidential election outcome is unknown and appears on a knife-edge

Research & Investment Strategy

Individual government challenges and the Covid-19 debt surge

Considering the rise in government debt in key developed markets

Research & Investment Strategy

October Global Macro Monthly & Investment Strategy - Into the bleak, debt winter

Research & Investment Strategy

Monthly Op-Ed - Addicted to policies

The real economy is softening faster than we expected.

Research & Investment Strategy

How governments can respond to the COVID-19 debt surge

A theoretic overview of debt and the possible measures to reduce it


Gravity wins in the end

Traditional macro indicators are pointing to a relapse in Europe – but the situation in the US is also fragile.

Research & Investment Strategy

September Global Macro Monthly & Investment Strategy - Biden his time

The US has seen fewer new virus cases since its summer peak, but the virus is rising sharply in some European countries and across emerging markets more broadly