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19 July 2019

Von der Leyen versus Trump

With the round of top nominations in the EU now largely behind us, it is time to focus on the policy substance.

Iggo's insight

19 July 2019

Holidays in the sun

President Trump appears to want much lower rates and a weaker dollar. Those views are political. If we were to get them, then US inflation risk premiums could rise.

The Evolving Economy

18 July 2019

What investors need to know about clean technology

Consumers, governments and corporations are assessing their environmental practices, and developing new clean technologies, as the impact of climate change takes its toll on the planet.

Macro insights

16 July 2019

US economic data underlines case for rate cut, China recovery not yet on solid footing

Last week was an important one for US monetary policy. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell gave testimony to Congress where he effectively endorsed market expectations for an easing in monetary polic ...

Iggo's insight

12 July 2019

Yield not equal to return

Bonds have sold off a bit this week, but I believe that the bull market remains in place. Global monetary policy is about to be eased yet there are reasons to be relatively relaxed about the near-ter ...

MAI views

12 July 2019

Coping with financial market volatility: Lump sum versus regular investing tactics

Despite concerns over slowing global growth, the ongoing trade war and the prolonged uncertainty surrounding Brexit negotiations, the first half of 2019 has been relatively kind to investors. Having ...

Fixed income

12 July 2019

Q2 2019: Lower rates, slower growth

With trade tensions being the largest threat to the macro outlook, investors are looking to central banks to provide support. So far, central banks have indicated their willingness to provide easier ...


12 July 2019

The Fed’s pre-emption function

Jay Powell chose to accentuate the negatives at his House Committee hearing. He downplayed the strength in the latest US GDP print and focused on the slowdown in business investment.

Rosenberg equities

09 July 2019

Diversity in Earnings Calls

In this note we analyse quarterly earnings calls for evidence of commitment to and progress in creating diversity.

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