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Market thinking

15 January 2019

From weak to strong hands

Certain aspects of markets feel like early 1999, volatility is spiking as leveraged low volatility trades blow up, and a bout of distressed selling is being misinterpreted as markets being warned abo ...

Macro insights

14 January 2019

Positive trade talks in China, political drama in the UK and disappointing data in Europe

The UK begins a week that promises political drama, and threatens political crisis

Equities market monthly

14 January 2019

After a torrid end to 2018, equity markets stabilise

Equity risk assets rebound in January, following a December slump


11 January 2019

Falling oil and rising tariffs: The new year could prove challenging for inflation

This year we are expecting to see a convergence of headline and core inflation as oil prices fall and geopolitical risks continue to haunt markets.

Iggo's insight

11 January 2019

Don't worry about rates

Volatility spiked in December but risk has rebounded in January.

The Evolving Economy

09 January 2019

China: Coping with a Silver Society

China’s population is getting older at a speed and scale the world has never seen before.

Research & Investment Strategy

07 January 2019

Fed Hawk Down

The US Federal Reserve closed 2018 with its fourth interest rate hike of the year. However, its rhetoric wasn’t exactly dovish, leading many to believe tightening will continue

Macro insights

07 January 2019

US Fed speech helps drive market rebound while Eurozone business surveys remain fragile

US Fed speech helps drive market rebound while Eurozone business surveys remain fragile

Monthly Investment strategy

20 December 2018

December Investment Strategy: A Year of No Returns

When the quantitative easing goes out: 2018 has been unique in terms of the breadth of negative returns across assets.

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