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Fixed income

Fixed Income Quarterly Views

Fixed Income Quarterly Views

The Evolving Economy
7 minute read

How the internet and social media have changed the way our minds work

The internet was adopted faster than any major technology in human history.

Research & Investment Strategy

Fit for 55: A carbon pricing upheaval

Exploring ‘Fit for 55’ and challenges to the EU’s climate ambitions


Global Equities Perspectives

Economy and markets: Investor sentiment stays strong


Sisyphus Happy?

We review the latest instalment of the “debt ceiling drama”, the spread of the “delta variant” and the European Central Bank (ECB)’s new forward guidance.

Iggo's insight

Getting hot?

Worries about the economy overheating appear to have been overdone as the delta variant reminds us that the battle with the pandemic is far from over.

Responsible investment

Can ESG screening provide a buffer for fixed income investors?

The unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus put in place by governments and policymakers worldwide has supported bond markets for much of 2020 and 2021, but fixed income investors have faced chall ...

Research & Investment Strategy

July global Macro Monthly - Clouds darken Summer re-opening

COVID-19 again haunts markets – the delta strain gains.

Research & Investment Strategy

July OpEd - Negative Delta

The “delta wave” is impairing the speed of the recovery.