Role: Quantitative Analyst in Paris
Business area: Multi Asset Client Solutions (MACS)
Nationality: French

Ichem's story

I studied mathematics and computer science, and then specialized in quantitative finance as part of the Master's program in Probability and Finance at Denis Diderot University. After a graduate internship in investment banking, I completed an internship in the MACS Quantitative Research Team, and then joined the team on a permanent basis at the end of 2010.

Why did you choose AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM)?

As a multi-expert asset manager, AXA IM is a diversified and stimulating environment to work in. I chose to work in the MACS team as it is a challenging and highly sophisticated business environment.

Describe the business area you work in

The MACS team provides expertise in the development and management of investment solutions for sophisticated clients. Our role is to analyse and understand our client problems and needs, and then design and develop suitable solutions. In order to achieve this, the MACS team deploys business teams with a strong knowledge of all the aspects of the investment environment, and development teams equipped with the latest research and innovation.

As a member of the Client Solutions Development team, our role is to help business teams to address complex issues raised by our client needs. Our expertise covers financial engineering, structuring and quantitative research.

What do you like most about working for AXA IM?

Every day is different. I have the opportunity to work on various projects. My colleagues have different backgrounds and the work environment is international and multicultural. 

Interview led in 2013.