Role: Sales Analyst
Business area: Real Assets
Nationality: French
Location: London

How did you come to work at AXA - IM Real Assets?

I never particularly expected to work in the Real Estate industry. I have a market finance background and my first internship experiences were related to the fixed income asset classes.

After my studies, I did a VIE in London in 2012 and worked as a fund manager analyst in Real Estate. It was very technical, working on cash flows and business plans and I missed the client relationship aspects. I went back to school to do a Masters in Management and then headed back to London because I really enjoyed the international lifestyle and atmosphere over there.

I started looking for a job and was offered 2 very different opportunities.  What really made the difference for me was the development opportunities my current manager offered me as a junior and the real interest he showed me as a professional.

How would you describe your role?

I joined last April as a Sales Analyst. My job is mainly to support the sales managers in Europe, understand what our clients want and how to best answer their needs. For this, I need to know as much as possible about the markets, our products, our funds and their strategies. I get to work across all the real estate departments: communications, marketing, asset management, transactions, development… I would like to become a sales manager in the future but I still have a few things to learn before then.

Why would you recommend your job?

What I love about my job is the variety in my day-to-day tasks, the products we offer as well as the client relationships aspects. The people I work with are very open and considerate even at a senior level, there is a true team spirit at AXA IM - Real Assets.

Hortense was interviewed in October 2015