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AXA (CH) Strategy Fund - Portfolio 30

ISIN CH0124790798

Last NAV 123.2900 CHF as of 26/02/20


Investment objectives

The Sub-Fund’s investment objective is to use a diversified portfolio to generate value growth and appropriate income while implementing a strategy to limit risk. The fund management company strives for a target equity market exposure of 30% with limitations on the maximum equity market exposure of 35%. The Sub-Fund invests principally in Swiss and international equity markets (USA, Europe and Japan), the bond markets in Swiss francs and Euro and in the Swiss money market. Mainly the following investment instruments are used: equity securities and equity rights by issuers worldwide, debt securities and debt rights by issuers worldwide (for the most part, bonds of the Swiss Confederation), money market instruments in Swiss francs, investment funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). The investment strategy provides for the limitation of the impact of important daily price fluctuations, in particular, in connection with strong turbulence on the markets or in periods of a significant bear market. To achieve this, the allocation in more volatile investments is temporarily reduced if the average daily price fluctuation exceeds a specific limit. Within the threshold of 200% of the net assets within the subfund, the investment strategy adopted is one of direct investment or derivatives. The latter typically include both standardised derivatives traded on the stock exchange and non-standardised OTC (over-the-counter) traded derivatives such as total return swaps.


Synthetic Risk & Reward Information scale

1 2 3 SRRI Value 4 5 6 7

The risk category is based on past performance. Please note that past performance is no indicator of future results. The risk category for this fund is not guaranteed and may change over time. The lowest category does not mean “no risk”.

Why is this Fund in this category?

The capital of the Sub-Fund is not guaranteed. The Sub-Fund is invested in financial markets and uses techniques and instruments which are subject to some levels of variation, which may result in gains or losses.

Additional risks

Credit risk: the risk that issuers of debt instruments contained within the fund will default or that their credit rating will worsen, potentially resulting in a drop in the net asset value. Liquidity risk: the risk that difficulties may arise in the purchase or sale of assets in the fund. Operational risk: risk that operational process, including those related to safekeeping of assets may fail, resulting in losses. Counterparty Risk: risk of bankruptcy, insolvency, or payment or delivery failure of any of the Sub-Fund's counterparties, leading to a payment or delivery default. The impact of techniques such as derivatives: Some management techniques are associated with specific risks, e.g., liquidity, credit and counterparty risks, risks connected to the underlying instruments, legal, valuation and operating risks. Furthermore, the use of these techniques may create leverage, which may accentuate the impact of market fluctuations on the fund and create the risk of significant losses.

Main documents

Prospectus 14/04/2019


Performance chart


Since launch

Start date

End date

The figures provided relate to previous months or years and past performance is not a reliable indicator as to future performance. The Fund may not have a reference index. In such case, the Fund’s performance indicator is given as a basis for comparison only.

SRRI stands for Synthetic Risk & Reward Information: From 1 lower risk to 7 higher risk. Lower risk has potentially lower reward and higher risk has potentially higher reward. The risk category is calculated using historical performance data and may not be a reliable indicator of the Sub-Fund's future risk profile. The risk category shown is not guaranteed and may shift over time. The lowest category does not mean risk free.


Performance indicator Start date End date
- - -

Performance table

End date

Performance table Net performance Performance indicator  Start date End date
- - - - -
1M - - - -
QTD - - - -
3M - - - -
6M - - - -
YTD - - - -
1Y - - - -
2Y - - - -
3Y - - - -
4Y - - - -
5Y - - - -
8Y - - - -
10Y - - - -
Since launch - - - -
1y - - - -
2y - - - -
3y - - - -
4 ans - - - -
5y - - - -
8 ans - - - -
10y - - - -
Since launch - - - -

Risk table

End date

Risk table Fund volatility Benchmark volatility Tracking error Information ratio Sharpe ratio Beta Alpha
1M - - - - - - -
QTD - - - - - - -
3M - - - - - - -
6M - - - - - - -
YTD - - - - - - -
1Y - - - - - - -
3Y - - - - - - -
5Y - - - - - - -
8Y - - - - - - -
10Y - - - - - - -
Since launch - - - - - - -

Price table

Start date

End date

Price Date Portfolio AUM
- - -


First NAV date 17/05/11



Ongoing Charges 0.92%

Fund facts

Currency CHF
Start date 17/05/11
Asset class MULTI-ASSET
RI fund False
Legal authority Eidgenössische Finanzmarktaufsicht FINMA

Portfolio management

Fund Manager Laurent RABATEL
Co-manager Nicolas SADONE
Investment team MT Guaranteed Fund Management


Investment area Global
Legal form Mutual Fund

Subscription and redemption

Subscription and redemption orders are accepted generally on any bank working day. No issues or redemptions will take place on Swiss and French public holidays or on days when the stock exchanges and markets in the main investment countries are not open during the normal trading hours. Subscription and redemption orders received by the custodian bank by 1:30 pm (order day) will be settled on the next bank working day (valuation day) on the basis of the net asset value calculated on this day (forward pricing). Minimum initial subscription: CHF 500,000



Prospectus 14/04/2019