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Our Structured Finance team offers non-traditional fixed income products providing risk/return profiles suited to clients' needs

Structured Finance, as a part of Fixed Income, mainly covers asset classes from disintermediation of the markets and is able to provide non-traditional fixed income products targeting stable and predictable cash flows.

We are able to originate opportunities across the non-traditional credit spectrum providing sourcing, diversification and spread pick up.

Our strong convictions, credit selection and portfolio construction associated with selective product launches has enabled us to provide a recognised track record through different market cycles. 

Advantages of our approach

  • Size: allowing us to source opportunities efficiently on both sides of the Atlantic
  • Agility: investing throughout the credit cycle with the agility to adapt risk/return targets depending on client needs
  • A robust platform with a stable and experienced team.


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"Structured Finance has more than 15 years of experience seeking value for our clients from the opportunities offered by disintermediation. The size and experience of our team throughout the cycle, allows us to combine fundamental credit analysis with strong structuring expertise across the non-traditional credit spectrum."

Structured Finance Key Figures

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