Focusing on issues that we believe will improve the risk/performance profile of investee companies

Our global engagement activities:

87 targeted companies 5 collaborative initiatives

Source: AXA IM, for the 12 months ending 31 December 2016.

Through our engagement activities our aim is to use our influence as investors to encourage companies to mitigate key environmental and social risks relevant to their sectors.

We have recently increased our stewardship activities around climate change. As a large investor we believe we have a role to play in limiting global warming to a 2°C scenario*. In particular, we believe that the systemic nature of climate change requires investors to aggregate collective influence to bring about necessary change.

We continue to review our engagement strategy on this issue and are currently considering additional engagement objectives in relation to climate change.

Breakdown of engagement issues:

Environmental 25%; Corporate governance 37%; Overlapping ESG issues 23%; Social 15%

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