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Sponsored research

Driven by our conviction that knowledge creates value, our multi-expert model leverages research conducted across all asset classes and supported by dedicated research teams. At AXA IM we feel this is key to providing our clients with the right solutions.

Through our presence in industry associations, think tanks and regulatory committees, we play an active role in the on-going debates and developments that contribute to shaping our industry's future.

In line with these efforts, we support the EDHEC Risk Institute research chair in "Regulation and Institutional Investment", which has carried out a number of studies that highlight the challenges for institutional investors faced with regulatory changes.

This philanthropic partnership is part of a larger initiative, at both the AXA IM and the AXA Group levels, to support academic research initiatives focused on risk. Indeed, protecting our clients and our community from risks is at the core of AXA's business and expertise. Therefore, better researching and understanding tomorrow's risks today is how AXA has chosen to endorse its responsibility as one of the leading players in the financial protection industry.

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