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About Rosenberg Equities

Our commitment to clients

Our aim is to provide our clients access to equity investment strategies across regions and market capitalisations that deliver strong risk-adjusted returns and/or specific outcomes.

Our investment approach combines economically grounded investment beliefs, fundamental analysis and insights and integrated risk monitoring techniques.  Our systematic approach enables us to expand the breadth and depth of our analysis to over 20,000 companies worldwide with speed and efficiency. We bring value to clients by identifying investment opportunities through a deep understanding of the drivers of equity returns and risks, detailed analysis of company fundamentals, and harnessing those insights through disciplined implementation.

We have been managing client assets since 1985 and offer a wide range of strategies through investment centres located in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Advantages of the Rosenberg Equities approach include:


Proprietary insights

  • Our portfolios are built using proprietary fundamentally based economically grounded insights related to company valuation and earnings and informed by deep understanding of sources of equity risk.

Breadth and depth of our investment universe

  • Our investment universe is over 20,000 stocks covering large and small companies in developed and emerging markets.
  • We analyse these 20,000 stocks in great detail after classifying companies into 170 industry groups and adjusting financial statement items to ensure consistency and transparency across markets.

Thoughtful, seamless analysis and monitoring of risk

  • We seek to ensure that we are well compensated for the risks we are taking. Our risk management framework informs all of our strategies, seeking to mitigate and reduce exposure to uncompensated risks.


Expert users of data

  • As a pioneer in quantitative equity investing, we are expert users of data with comprehensive data sets that go back more than 40 years.


Systematic expression of intellectual capital

  • The experience and insights from our teams are captured and implemented systematically, overseen by our investment team at every stage of the investment process to ensure our intentions are effectively expressed in our portfolios.

Source: AXA Investment Managers as at 30/06/2015.
* Rosenberg Equities has fundamental data for, and is actively valuing, approximately 20,000 companies. This figure varies depending on the overall number of companies that are in existence and listed at any point in time.

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