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Active stewardship

Stewardship entails our considered and careful approach to the management of our clients' assets on their behalf, keeping in mind their long-term interests. It includes proxy voting and engagement.

High standards of corporate governance protect our clients' interests, assist risk management, contribute to the maximisation of investor value and underpin the integrity and efficient operation of the financial markets. Through our engagement and proxy voting work, we take an active approach to monitor companies and act as stewards of investments made on our clients' behalf.

RI Stewardship report

AXA IM Stewardship report 2016/17

Stewardship Codes:

  • AXA IM Stewardship Policy UK: AXA Investment Managers is a signatory to the UK Stewardship Code and is fully supportive of the Principles of the Code. Read our statement of commitment to the Stewardship Code in the AXA IM Stewardship Policy UK  5204 KB PDF
  • AXA IM Stewardship Policy Japan: AXA Investment Managers accepts the Principles of the Japan Stewardship Code. Our Japan Stewardship Policy details our compliance with the Principles of the Code. Read the AXA IM Stewardship Policy Japan 210 KB PDF

Our RI solutions draw upon AXA IM's multi-expert model and RI Search© along with our active stewardship activities.

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Gilles Guibout

"When you hold a stock, you also hold a right of ownership, and that comes with the right to vote in shareholder meetings. It is therefore of the highest importance that we exercise this right so as not to let others act against our interests."

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